Cheyenne M.J.

Makeup Resume

Tel. 818.645.3011  

Email: [email protected] Local 706

Objective: To obtain and maintain a position that will utilize my current abilities
as well as teach me new skills while assisting in the achievement of my career goals.

Work Experience:

o  YouTube Series “Chicken Girls”                                                               October 2017

Brat Productions
Key Makeup & Hair

o  Music Video “Penthouse Floor                                                                September 2017

John Legend Ft. Chance the Rapper
Makeup & Hair for Main Talents and Background

o  Short Film “Poly”                                                                                        August 2017

Director & Writer: Day Daniells
Makeup & Hair

o  YouTube Series “Attaway Appeal”                                                         July 2017

Brat Productions
Key Makeup & Hair

o  Nescafé Commercial                                                                                 July 2017

Director Ronnie Schnetke, ChairTwenty Productions
Assistant Makeup & Hair

o  LOL Network  “Zombies are Humans Too”                                           May 2017

KevinHart, Laugh Out Loud Network
Key Special Effects Artist(Zombies), Assistant Makeup & Hair

o  Feature Film “Spiral”                                                                                January – April 2017

Director: VL Edwards
Key Makeup & Hair & SpecialEffects Artist (bullet wounds, cuts, bruises, etc.)

o  Music Video “Can’t Fight It”                                                                   October 2016

Quintino X Cheat Codes
Assistant Special Effects Artist(Werewolf), Assistant Makeup

o   Music Video “One Word”                                                                        September 2016 

Deadly Zoo
Key Makeup & Hair

o  Music Video “Party Follows Me”                                                           July 2016

LexeeSmith Ft. Hollywood Summer Tour
Makeup & Hair for BackgroundDancers

o  Short Film “Escape”                                                                                May 2016

Director: Rhyme Lu
Key Makeup & Hair

o  Rhino                                                                                                           March 2016

Masterpiece Cinema
Key Makeup & Hair

o  Short Film “IF Only You Were Free”                                                    January 2016

Director: Gregory Cusumano
Makeup and Hair


Elegance International

·       Salon - Covers all fundamentals of beauty and correctivemakeup, shape, conditions, day and evening applications, and elements of theface.

·       Theatrical – Study of theatrical productiondesign and development of specific character studies, facial hair appliances,wax build-ups, the four dramatic forms.

·       High Fashion – Knowledge in lighting, color print,non-conventional elements in fanciful design. How to expand and reinforcecreativity and imagination, 

·       HDTV – Studies the difference betweenanalog and digital TV, increase/decrease of age, build-ups, injuries, scriptanalysis, and character breakdowns.

·       FILM – Focuses on all aspect of filmmakeup, set etiquette, bald cap, character development, artist’s portfolio, andbudgets.

·       Lab Technician – Construction of proper andrealistic prosthetic appliances, ventilating, life-cast techniques,and molding techniques.

·       Airbrush – A unique method with precision control, quick,fast, and efficient application, sanitary, great for HDTV, bridal, and fullbody coverage  


·       AutumnScruggs – How to contour the face, skin discoloration, quicktips on set

·       MaryVansic – Color Function, Makeup for different cameras and theimportance

·       GeorgeSchminky - SpecialEffects; different ways to sculpt, fiberglass, how to make horns & hands,painting layers on prosthetics, airbrush techniques.

·       April Love Makeup Academy - Smokey Eyes and Face Sculpting techniques.

References available upon request.

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